Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Stag Party Groom Pranks - The Rules!

The stag party (bachelor party for those in North America) is a great tradition where you get together with a few good friends and do something amazingly fun. Mostly it will involve copious amounts of alchohol, of which the groom will be the main consumer. The end result of such a beer filled session is the traditional stag party prank. Playing a prank on the groom can be fun, but it also can be dangerous. There are a catalogue of horror stories about missed weddings, facial injuries, hospital visits and even incarsaration which have ruined the big day.

In generations gone by the common practice was having your party the night before the wedding, this changed for two main reasons, firstly the likelihood of surviving a wedding with a  stinking hangover started your new union on bad terms. Secondly the stag night became a weekend, week or even ten day trip to some glorious place way out of town, a mini-holiday if you like.

So here before you are the rules you should navigate to ensure that your prank doesn't end you up being responsible for the cancelling of the biggest day in the grooms life.

1. Do Not touch the hair!

Not only will it ruin the wedding day pics, it will also likely get you a serious stressed out bride on your case, meaning those BBQ you used to enjoy round your mates house won't be happening for a long time.

2. Do Not do anything illegal

Being in prison sucks, being in prison on your wedding night and consummating the big day with a scary cellmate is not something you will quickly forget, if they are arrested don't expect to remain friends.

3. Do Not encourage adultery

Strippers may be in your plan, and depending on what country you visit you may also think an extras package would be good. It wouldn't and you shouldn't encourage it, the poor bride has spent everyday since her fourth birthday dreaming of her wedding, ruining it in aid of a cheap thrill is not a good idea.

4. Do Not put the Groom in physical danger

Here is a cool idea, let's get him really drunk and then tie him to a lamppost. When you drink you feel invincible but when tied naked to a lamppost you are prone to attacks. The same goes for, putting his bed on a cliff, getting him to climb into the bear enclosure at the zoo or wiring his hand up to a taser gun then tickling his nose.

5. Do Not ever, under any circumstances, repeat a word of it until well after the wedding.

Don't breath a word of it to anyone for a couple of years. It is not a good idea to start your wedding speech with a tale of debauchery from the night, it will only annoy the father of the bride and increase the brides paranoia ten fold. Some memories are best kept between friends.

If you follow the simple rules then your bound to have a great time and create some memories. If you don't follow the rules then be prepared for the resultant fallout, I know Hollywood would have you believe everything works out in the end, unfortunately that's just not true.

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