Monday, 3 June 2013

The Life-cycle of a T-Shirt

The T-Shirt is a staple of everyone wardrobe, even if you spend most of your time in your workwear you will still own loads of T-Shirts. The reason is because they are robust, can be cheap and last a long time. Whilst all your other clothes 

Types of T-Shirts people own

Trend - These are those t-shirts you see walking past a shop, see on a TV show and instantly ebay or have noticed all your pals wearing. These T-Shirts will last longer than the trend or fad they are associated with, perhaps you may get 6 months wear out of this before it falls into the dreaded bottom of the drawer, a lost sea of old clothes that beg to be worn.

Memory - At a gig or a festival, on vacation or for that sporting event, you decided to buy it to always preserve the memory of how amazing that event was.

To Wear - These will be your everyday apparel, perhaps a small logo, or particular brand you find best fitting. These get worn until they bleach the colours or rip. A good Tee can last you at least a year before it begins to age, but even when it's on it's last legs you can make use of it.

Gift - You either love it or hate it, you wear it for the day to appease the giver of the gift then either you continue to wear it because it's brilliant or you stick it behind the bed and hope they will never ask you about it again.

The Life-cycle of the T-Shirt

The life cycle of your t-shirt will depend on one question, do you like it? If the answer is no then the longeviety is different to if the answer is yes. 

Some Uses for your old Tees

Gardening clothes - because nobody wants new stuff getting dirty
Turn it into a dress - See here
Pyjamas - Nice to sleep in comfy clothes
Frame it - if it's a memory get it framed
Hand it down - Got a kid or younger sibling, they may love it
Recycle it - Make it into another item, bandana, napkin, pillowcase, anything
Give it to poor people - Donate it to a charity or send it to a impoverished country
Ebay it - trends have a way of repeating themselves stick it on ebay
Use as Kindling - Need to light your BBQ then set it alight!

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