Monday, 1 April 2013

Spring Breakers - It's Everywhere

The film is getting mass social media and traditional media hype for one reason. They managed to get a bunch of up and coming barely legal actresses to wear bikinis for the whole film. As marketing ploys go this isn't bad, if any movie got as much coverage as this one had it would be a miracle if they didn't turn a profit.

Throw in some guns a predictable story line that crime does not pay and a creepy gangster bad guy and you have a movie so transparent that you could class it as a bad porno. Heavily stylised with close up of bums in bikinis and girls with uzi's this is basically every 14 year old boys fantasy on the big screen.

Style of substance is an all too common trend in Hollywood movie spending more time on the marketing of the film that they ever did on the production proves this film is likely to be nothing more than a drug fueled, gun totting, bikini clad sex fest.