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Top 5 Best and Worst current Tshirt trends

I wear Tshirts pretty much everyday, I think most blokes in my generation do, they are comfy and convenient and can express your mood. Having such a large collection of tees means I'm constantly looking for new and different ideas. Sometimes I will really like a design or a slogan and other times I'm just like why would someone want to wear that? So I thought I'd put together my current (2013) top 5 and worst 5 Tshirt trends.

Top 5 Best T-Shirts

1. Independence T-shirt

Being an avid supporter of independence I love this T-shirt as it has gold Lion rampant with blue text. This makes it stand out on a white background and is not overtly big in design so doesn't look out of place. I am a big supporter of people wearing politically motivated tees as I think anything to provoke some political thinking is a good thing in a country with only 50% turn out for most elections. Even if someone wore a Thatcher idolizing tee I'd be happy that they are sharing their message.

2. Plane T-shirt

This tee is great because it sums up my sense of humour. Also because the number of people who look at you and then think for a minute before actually getting the joke is unbelievable. Seriously some people can take a full five minutes of hard concentration before they get it. Humour on a tee is a great thing as long as it's not offensive to anyone, I have seen some pretty close to the bone and think wow that isn't very nice.

3. Johnny Cash Tshirt

Johnny Cash is an icon, he really is. His music is timeless and he was a really cool and in my humble opinion very underrated. What this tshirt demonstrates is your like for a particular band. Being mad about music I always pick up a tee when I go to a gig, even if its a small band. I once bought a tshirt from the stall outside a gig only to realise it was the drummer of the band who was serving. I love the idea that music starts out like that, the musicians juggling their time on the stall during the warm up acts meeting fans and selling merchandise, you wouldn't catch Robbie Williams doing that, although if he did he might make a bit more on the merchandising.

4. Granny's House T-Shirt

Being a new dad this tee was ideal for my son. I used to love going to my grandparents because you knew you would be spoiled and get away with stuff your folks just wouldn't let you. The saying about Vegas has been popularised by hollywood movies for years so I think when you put a childlike twist on an adult saying it can be very funny. It is also the type of T-shirt that granny likes because she thinks, yea I am loads of fun.

Sunny Dunny

When you go somewhere you gotta get a T-Shirt. It is something you can keep like collecting postcards from all your holiday destinations. Some local shops have some great and funny designs so they don't have to be the old "I went to Magaluf and all I got was herpes" type Tshirts. You can get local landscape and landmarks printed onto a Tshirt giving you a memory of when you were there.

Top 5 Worst T-shirts

1. Naked lady Tshirt

 So you like to look at sexy pictures of women, ok most men do and some women do too. You do not however need to put it on a T-Shirt. Its not trendy or cool its sad. Its not even like you can look down and see as then she is upside down, your basically just demonstrating your a big perv to the entire planet and most self respecting women will think your a bit of an idiot. So before you go buy the latest top that River Island told you is fashionable think first about how you want the world to see you and them take a detour on your way to buy it preferably over the nearest cliff.

2. 'Sexy' Tshirt

I hate t-shirts like this especially when it's someone under the age of 18 wearing it. I do not think you need to put a slogan on a shirt saying sexy if you were actually sexy people would get it. Unless of course your wearing it ironically because its your "oh im late" to drop the kids off at school and look like Bigfoot, then feel free to continue. A famous irish comedian once said he saw a girl wearing jogging bottoms with this written across the bum and he approached the dad and said "look mate, thats really not appropriate is it?.............I mean she is hideous!"

3. Massively offensive T-Shirts

There are loads of great and funny kids clothes and babygrows but some of them really are not cool. This T-shirt demonstrates poor judgement and total disregard for the mother of that child. I know its meant to be funny and yes it is slightly amusing but you have to realise that kid shouldn't be wearing that because they are probably going to be round other kids who will then go home and ask their parents what it means and thats not good.

4. Drink reference tees

 The type of men who wear these are the type of men you need to avoid. They are clearly out on a mission to oblivion and they should be avoided at all costs because there night will either end in a pool of vomit or a pool of blood.

5. Advertising T-Shirts

If you like a brand then thats cool wear their T-shirt. If your wearing it because you got it free with a 2 litre bottle of juice or at a giveaway somewhere your an idiot. Seriously how do you even function, you do realise the only place any of these tees should be worn is when your painting your roof or clearing your gutters where no one else in the world will see you, otherwise your basically advertising a brand for free, or better yet you have paid to advertise their brand. And i'm not talking here about fashion brands obviously a tshirt from DKNY is going to say DKNY on it, but a soft drink, food outlet, etc etc is not cool, oh wait unless its retro and then crack on, I mean I'd love a Marlboro fifties style tee.

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