Monday, 20 May 2013

5 Stag party Drinking Games

The Stag party, or batchelor party as it is known across the pond, is the night that all men love to plan. With all the wedding decisions, from seating plans to menu decisions the wedding can seem like some formal business project that holds little excitment for the men. 

The stag do gives the chance for the guys to really get their imagination in gear, planning every last detail. To ensure a great stag do you must have some games up your sleeve, to get people in the mood and drinking you need to ease the way with some ice breaking games, once you have played some of these your stag do won't need lubrication to get the night flowing.

1. Drinking Frisbee

Arrange yourself spread out, each player calls out another players name and throws the frisbee if they fail to catch it then they drink, but to ensure the thrower doesn't intentionally mess up they drink if it fails too! This game gets exponentially more difficult as you drink more.
2. Beer pong

Arrange your drinks on a table, take an empty jug topping it up with the last drops of everyone's drinks as the night goes on. Get a ping pong ball and bounce once before landing in a drink on the table (ensure some non alcoholic drinks are there), the drink it lands in you have to consume. If they fail to hit a target then they must drink the jug!

3. Flip, Sip or Strip

 Simple game, toss a coin and call it before it lands, if your right pass it on, if your wrong decide to sip or strip!

4. Buzz

Stand in a circle, start counting first person says 1, next says 2 and so on. The rules are that if you get to number 7, any multiple of 7(14,21,28) or any double number (11,22,33,44) you must say buzz, do this quick and the person who fails or makes mistake drinks. E.g. 1,2,3,4,5,6,buzz,8,9,10,buzz

5. I have Never

Start by stating something you have never done, each person in the group who has done it must take a swig of their drink, keep it fast and watch not only the drinks flow but the secrets be revealed.

Remember to always drink responsibly, this is easier said than done, make sure if you are playing there is always a sober member of the group to watch over the groom, being late for a wedding is never a good idea. 

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