Monday, 3 February 2014

Celebrity T-Shirts - Cool designs worn by celebs

Celebrities are constantly appearing in print media and online in different t-shirts, from bold statements, proclamations of music fandom to self promotion there is an abundance of different ideas that celebrities use to adorn their comfortable dress down wear. These novelty t-shirts can create a storm of popularity and provide a huge swell of sales to t-shirt makers the world over. With most movie stars and pop music artists you will find they have a well versed team of stylists following them around the world laying out their days wear before they have had their morning dump. But is it really necessary to have so much thought in what t-shirt you wear, I guess if your photographed morning, noon and night then the answer to that is of course yes. Your t-shirt can cause controversy and even harm your public image so better to have it cross checked by a professional. Here are five of the best examples of celebrities wearing t-shirts for different means:

Self Promoting - Movie

Vin Diesel is a action god of an actor, bringing to life one of the cult favourite comic characters in the chronicle of Riddick, first seen during the film Pitch Black. He is obviously a big fan of this franchise doing appearances at comic con throughout last year. He is often sporting a retro style Furyan t-shirt which is a nod to his character. Of course this t-shirt instantly inspired thousands of fans to go out and get their hands on the same item, albeit with a less ample chest to fill it out. The beauty of this t-shirt is that it is not an overtly obvious statement, for those not fans of this franchise they could be confused by what the word means, meaning google searches no doubt shoot through the roof, not bad to promote your upcoming sequel.

Proclaiming good taste in music

Celebrities can often get dragged into awkward interview questions about their taste in music, all vying to be seen as cool they can rely on a few of the faithful names in the history of music to display their cool credentials. From the Rolling Stones to the Doors these super bands are t-shirt ever presents and why not let the celebrity jump on that bandwagon. Of course we would all love to see them interviewed about the band they are showcasing, what is their favourite track, which is their favourite album. We then might see if they are true fans or simply wearing it as a fashion symbol, the kind of action that makes fans angry!

Standing up for a cause

If I was a celebrity being photographed daily I'd ensure each message seen was one which would make people think. From the famous NO MORE PAGE 3 cause to the NO FUR campaign I'd get a point across using the power of print media. If you do find yourself in this position of power it may be worth considering if the message will come back to haunt you. Don't go promoting the rights of animals if you have leather shoes and a fur coat, don't promote vegetarianism whilst pictured in McDonald's and don't promote abstinence from drugs if your high!

Retro Retro Retro

It's a sign of age to see something from your childhood become retro but of course it happens to all of us at some point. The rise in retro cool has been growing for years and movies from the 70's and 80's are now fair game, have you seen the Goonies t-shirts? This is a sign of good taste, but amusing when you see an actor wear a movie t-shirt for a film they would have had little chance being cast in.

Just Plain Rude

Rude t-shirts can be edgy, but are they really something you should wear in a public place? Who knows but its a growing trend amongst celebs. From the "Save a horse ride a cowboy" to the "F*CK You" there are plenty of slogans that can be used to turn heads. Rihanna is no stranger to this and is clearly making an ironic statement here with her top, queue the number of times you will see this around your local shopping mall normalising what could be viewed as an offensive word.

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