Thursday, 20 March 2014

How to Keep cool in a T-Shirt

As the sun begins to thaw out the UK and dries up the rivers of flood water, we need to prepare for the imminent heatwave that is no doubt going to be our summer. The summer is the birthplace of the modern t-shirt, our pasty arms get an adventure into the world, dazzlingly white soon to be turned pink under the baking heat of the sun.

The beauty of the modern t-shirt is that you aren't hampered by style, or colours and you can even get your own image, design or slogan customised onto a garment of your choosing. From a fashion t-shirt to a statement t-shirt you can literally be your own designer. To source customised t-shirts you need to have an idea of what exactly you want it to look like. A design is the easy part, you then need to consider position of the artwork and any additional slogans. From sleeve tags to hem names think outside the chest area.

For some inspiration this summer we have selected some different but unique ways to wear a t-shirt to the best effect, ensuring you stay cool and look cool.

The cropped t-shirt

This doesn't have to be perfectly seemed hem line, you can literally get a regular t-shirt and crop it using some scissors. The beauty of a cropped top is that it keeps you cool allowing air to pass under the garment easier. But be careful not to do any handstands!

 Sleeveless Tops

This 80's inspired look has come back into fashion with a bang. Coupled with a boob tube or bikini for the girls this unisex look is a great cooling practical beach t-shirt. Allowing you to show off ribcage tattoos and all over tan this t-shirt is perfect for warm weather.

 Scoop Neck T-Shirt

Scoop neck t-shirts are standard in all t-shirt printing shops, great for girls weekends away or time spent at the beach. Remember logo placement or artwork on these garments can be tricky to place so you may want to think about the hem, or rear of the t-shirt to showcase your design.

 Tied up T-Shirt

If you find yourself caught in the heat and have a regular t-shirt on don't worry, those knots you learned at scouts will stand you in good stead. Tie the front section around creating a cropped top look, you can also roll up the sleeves to help cool your arms.