Saturday, 23 February 2013

Top 5 Pranks to Play on your Spouse

So playing pranks is a nice way to brighten up the day and a sure fire way of spicing things up in a relationship. There are literally thousands of pranks but I have compiled a list of the top pranks to play on the spouse with associated video to show you some of the best examples, how nice am I?

One thing to remember about pranks is that no everyone takes to them very well, so to make sure you are going to be able to handle the subsequent fallout from the prank, perhaps sleeping on the couch isn't such a bad thing as you have a TV series you've been meaning to get through.

Pop rock prank
Brilliant idea for the annoying spouse that snores in bed, or perhaps drools all over your pillow with there mouth wide open. This prank is simple, get some pop rocks and whilst they are sleeping pour some into their open mouth, wait and once you hear the popping you will see the confused look of your spouse as they think their mouth is caving in!

Prank Fallout Rating = 2
Prank funny Rating = 4

Talc in the Hairdryer prank
This prank is brilliant for the effect and can be a great way if you have ever been bored of waiting on your partner getting ready to go out. Place some talc inside the hairdryer, ensuring you clean off any residue on the surface so as to not arouse suspicion. Then await the cloud of white talc as it covers your partners face and hair. Couple of warnings on this one, it is dangerous as the hairdryer might blow up, you will have to buy a new hairdryer (best to have this ready to minimise the fallout) and you will also have to sit around waiting whilst your partner spends another hour getting ready again.

Prank Fallout Rating = 4
Prank Funny Rating = 4

Water Breaking Prank
For anyone who has ever been pregnant you will know the scariest time is the waiting on labour. Your man will be nervous about all the things to do and the quickest route to the hospital. So a simple prank is to have a waterballoon in your pants and wait until they cuddle you, scare you or any other innapropriate time you can think of.

Prank Fallout Rating = 2
Prank Funny Rating = 3

The Fire Extuingisher Prank
If your partner is a BBQ freak and continues to play for hours at master Barbeque then you should put out the fire in them with a nice blast from the extuingisher. Whilst it might be very messy it is a good way to get your point across.

Prank Fallout Rating = 4
Prank Funny Rating = 2

The Cheating Prank
Does your partner constantly get on at your about "Who you texting?" or "Where you going?" insecurity is a major reason relationships fail, so this prank addresses it by making light of the issue and showing them how ridiculous their fears are. First set up the paranoi with some text messages sent from a 'friend' then allow them to read that you will be together on a certain day. As they arrive home get in bed with your mannequin head and start to make some loud noises, ensure the radio is on otherwise they will wonder why you didn't hear them come in.

Prank Fallout Rating = 2
Prank Funny Rating = 5

One last thing to remember is that revenge can and always will be worse so before you go starting world war 3 in your own home make sure you have a few special ones lined up to stop them from retaliation!