Friday, 26 April 2013

10 Self Mirror Shots - Weirdest habit ever!

Today's ode to the self mirror shot is sponsored by the letter D, and the number 14. No idea when the trend for self shot images started but it won't seem to go away. Everyday there are thousands of self mirror shots taken, and for the life of my I cannot figure out why. I mean do you not have any friends that could take the pic for you? Are you really proud of your cluttered bathroom, or dirty bedroom and want to showcase it? Or perhaps it's because your taking naughty pictures, in which case get a camera with a timer because arm fat, or weird sideways poses aren't as hot as you think they are.

So we begin our images today with a nice tasteful fully dressed shot of a lassie in her mirror:

OK so you tidied your bedroom up first we see, good move.

We then move on to the Bikini shot, clearly you want public advice on the style, well here it is your swimwear is too small! However your painting of the elephant is really cool!

We then get into a little dress up, this time with a cool Sci fi Swimsuit, but even your dog is embarrassed, turning his back as if to say "Oh jesus really, you've taken like 40 just pick one"

Then we enter the world of irony, this time with an old school camera, clever. I like how the outfit goes with the period genre of your camera!

But your camera is too small, lets take one with an Ipad! Like that would ever fit in those silly little jean pockets. Perhaps you have an enormous handbag?

This guy has the right idea, if your going to be ironic do it with some serious old school props! 

In fact lets not even us a modern device what about a self pic that is hand-drawn? Well it isn't its a programme that makes it look like your good at drawing otherwise you would have looked like this!

If front pictures aren't good enough for you then why not try the reverse angle mirror shot.

Like you didn't know your arse was hanging oot the back of your jeans, that fake oops is kidding no one. Oh and you may laugh now but your dad sees this and your college allowance is stopped!

At the end of the day we all must ask ourselves if self mirror shots are really the way we wish alien life forms to discover us, all living in our lonely pods so devoid of human interaction we have to take our own pictures, a human race forever in the bathroom with their bums hanging out, making silly duck faces or faux surprise looks.