Monday, 8 July 2013

Now the Beach Selfie! Sexy from above!

Trends have a way of circling around in different forms until their eventual death, the self shot is still going strong but has moved angle! From the mirror shot to the beach selfie this summers must have Facebook or Twitter Picture is a shot of yourself on the beach. 

Two main reasons for this, You have a new bikini you love and want to show off and you know that by lying flat on your back it makes you look toned, rather than sitting up with your belly pouch overhanging your bikini bottoms like some kind of cliff face about to plunge into the sea.

Here are top 5 example of Beach Selfies!

1 - The classic view from Twin peaks!

This classic self shot is taken from an angle between your twin peaks, looking down at your flat (because your lying down) belly. 

2 - From the side
Armpits aren't the most attractive body part and having boob spilling out as your lay out flat sucking in your belly just makes contours appear in all the wrong places, stop it now!

3 -The Oops I'm in the shot picture
Taking a picture of your reading material doesn't really need the body in the image! 

4 - Check it out, I have friends!
Make sure it's a good friend who doesnt mind being photographed in their bikini mind!

5 - View from behind

At least this picture has a face in it! Oh wait and a little cheeky bum!