Friday, 10 May 2013

Top 9 Sci Fi T-Shirts - Assimilate your Wardrobe

T-Shirts and fanboys go hand in hand like, R2D2 and C3PO. Getting the best t-shirt often depend on the subject of choice, anyone can ebay a nice 'official' merchandise tee but, what really stands out are ones with a twist, a colourful nod in the direction of the chosen subject can be much better than the traditional, look at my storm trooper on my chest.

So in honour of the t-shirt, the main staple of everybodies wardrobe, I have compled a list of the best 9 I have seen, 4 of which I own!

If your wondering where to get such cool attire, try a local T-Shirt Printing shop, or just try amazon! The beauty of a Custom T-Shirt printers is you can slightly adapt them to include your own reference, you may strike gold and have people asking you for it in the street.

1.Star Wars May the 4th 

 A T-Shirt to be worn on one day of the year, like a golden fleece this sacred item could last you a lifetime, that is of course if you maintain your body size. This T-Shirt shows your dedication to the Star Wars brand, and brings many others to celebrate Star Wars day, dusting down the old VHS of the originals and desperately searching for a scart lead. This T-Shirt is just too cool, if you wear it on other days it can also confuse the hell out of people, just try it, watch the confused looks of strangers, but be careful that might lead to the dark side!

2. HitchHikers Guide to the Galaxy T-Shirt

Having a big thumb on the front, the universal sign for hitch hiking is cool. On the back having the answer, to life, the universe and everything (which is 42 you frelling idiot!) makes it double cool. Douglas Adams was an astoundingly talented writer, there is a huge movement of silent HHGTTG fans, if you don't believe me Google Towel day, then keep your eyes peeled for the number of people you see walking around with a towel. The only way to make this t-shirt cooler would be to make it out of towel fabric!

You may be confused by the last word, Numpty is a Scottish word meaning: Someone who (sometimes unwittingly) by speech or action demonstrates a lack of knowledge, or less politely an Idiot. The Planet of the Apes font is bold and striking, can anyone really forget the epic Ape movies, even the cleverly done remakes. A much loved franchise, which spans generations make this T-Shirt good because it has a wide array of people that will 'get' it. Not to mention the fact that the world is indeed full of idiots, if you find yourself surrounded by such a mob of imbeciles then you should perhaps invest in this!

4. Obama Skywalker T-Shirt

I like Barack Obama, being Scottish means I get to sit on my high horse from across the pond thinking, Obama the left leaning Pres is clearly good for a Gun owning population of sub prime lenders. Of course the Hope slogan is also applicable to Star Wars. Luke Skywalker (Mark Hammil's, only role of note) was not perhaps the best sci fi hero of all time, he was moaning for a lot of the movie and he also cried like a baby. Hope is a good slogan for a Hero that ended up snogging his sister, perhaps I underestimate the son of Vader but hell this Tee is cool.

5.Banksy Star Wars Tee

If you don't know who Banksy is then you are in good company, a UK graffiti artist has not revealed his identity, mainly because in spite of his fame he would be liable for thousands of counts of vandalism. Weirdly his work is amazingly popular, perhaps it's his take on modern life using pop culture pictures or perhaps it's because he gives his art away free to local communities. What it does mean is he is perhaps the most copied artist of all time, not likely to get a cease and desist letter from him. This Tee is a great example of his work.

6.Brand blend T-Shirt

Being a clever sci fi geek, you can trick peoples eyes into thinking you are referencing something, when in fact you are referencing something else. Either that or this t-shirt was made in the Philippines and the mistake was an honest one. Either way I like the brand confusion, I can imagine it would receive plenty of comments and given the resurrection of both franchises in 2013 and beyond it is both relevant and modern.


I often wish I was in a place mentioned in a sci fi film or book, the Restaurant at the end of the Universe would be fun. This t-shirt gives the impression of just that, a cheap tourist type t-shirt on closer inspection is in fact a Battlestar reference.Clever and fun.

8.Frack Me T-Shirt

 Swearing is frowned upon, the way both Battlestar and Farscape got around this is by replacing the F word with another similarly used F word. Clever right, well this T-Shirt is either an advert for a NSA encounter or it is a reference to astonishment. I like the bold clear message, many people just wouldn't get it so you can easily wittle down the potential conversation partners at a party.

9.Spock T-Shirt

 Do you want to play a game? have trouble following the rules, why not print them on a T-Shirt? The game adaptation of Rock Paper Scissors to include lizard and Spock is clever, however I don't get how Spock get's beat by paper, come on someone it explain it to me now!