Friday, 24 May 2013

Cool Themes for your Stag party

The Stag party (Batchelor Party for you Yanks) is a time of partying hard, get drunk and be noticed. You don't go on a stag do for a quiet drink down the local. Make yourself a theme, plan the activities and watch the mayhem ensue. To kick the party off and get everyone in the mood a theme is a great way to do it, whether it be your favourite TV show, Film or band there are loads of ideas for great ways to get everyone playing the fool from the get go. Here are the four best Ideas.

1 - Morphs - Morph suits are cool, because they are bold and they also look weird. A team of morphs walking down the street will not only turn heads it will likely get you a shed load of free beer and multitude of strangers asking to take pictures with you. The biggest drawback of the Morph suit is the toilet moment, given the amount of beer you will be drinking it isn't the easiest outfit to go for a pee in.

2 - Bikers - Getting a few Harleys and some leather jackets for the weekend can be a cool idea, the open road and just going were the sunshine takes you. If you do happen across any biker bars, just be careful you don't offend them, oh yea and it's illegal to drink drive so drivers will be tea total!

3 - Superheroes - All boys dress up as superheroes when they are young, why not hark back to the good old days and all dress as your favourite characters. Just make sure you co-ordinate you don't want to end up with 9 Batman's and 1 Superman on your trip...........or do you?

4 - Scrabble - Get everyone a T-Shirt printed with one letter on it, throughout the night as people mingle you will notice hilarious words spelt out, you will also be able to arrange yourself to make words for effect, this is a brilliant idea to get yourselves noticed. You will need at least ten people to make this work properly but it will give you laughs all night long, and the pictures will be awesome. Stag Party T-Shirts are common now for a great way to showcase your group, this is called going the extra mile!