Saturday, 19 January 2013

Top 5 Hottest Chav actors

Steven Hill
In the UK we have several terms for those types of women that come from traditionally poor backgrounds, act antisocially and often get involved with crime, drugs or teenage pregnancy; Chavette, Ned, Townies, Scally, etc. This has led to many TV shows depicting these type of women even invading our national treasure the Soaps (coronation street and eastenders).

So I thought it appropriate to bring 5 of the hottest ones to your attention.

1. Rebecca Ryan - Playing Debbie Gallagher in Shameless (22yr Old)

For those who have not watched Shameless and I dont mean the US remake I mean the original then you have missed what was one of the funniest and most entertaining social commentaries on the UK that has been on our TV screens. Set in the fictional estate of Chatsworth in Manchester it follows the residents struggle to survive on an ever dwindling amount of money having to resort to crime to pay the way, often with tragic consequences.

Rebecca Ryan is by far one of the hottest stars around in UK acting appearing on Emmerdale, Waterloo Road and Casualty (3 times). Currently (Jan 2013) is appearing on Stage in Edinburgh.

Hotness Rating - 5
Chav rating - 4

2. Antonia Thomas playing Alisha Daniels in Misfits (27 yr old)

Misfits is a UK Sci fi show where young offenders gain a super power, Alisha has the super power that everyone she touches uncontrollably lusts after her. Not that it takes a super power as she is one of the hottest actresses on UK TV and with the large hoop earings plays a chav very well.

Hotness rating - 4
Chav rating - 3

3. Joanna Higson playing Maxine Donnelly in Shameless (30 yrs old)

Joanna Plays Maxine who is a character in Shameless and provides often raunchy scenes. Whilst not on the show for long she was one of the best characters and portrayed a confident but also caring young woman. Now pursuing a career in Photography you may not be seeing much more of her on your TV screen.

Hotness rating - 3
Chav rating - 3

4. Paula Lane as Kylie Turner on Coronation Street (27 yrs old)

Kylie Turner is the streets biggest Chav, the loudmouth hooped earing wearing young mum burst onto the screen and soon became cheating wife to David Platt. Currently still on the show Paula Lane plays this fiery tempered chavette extremely well.

Hotness rating - 2
Chav rating - 4

5. Lacey Turner as Stacey Branning on Eastenders (28 yrs old)

Whilst Stacey left Eastenders in 2010 after a staggering 730 episodes she is still the queen of all Chavs on TV. She slept with her husbands dad and often got drunk and wild. But her character matured and grew on screen showing the transition from a wild Chav to a nice lassie.

Hotness Rating - 4
Chav rating - 2

Steven Hill