Sunday, 21 July 2013

Ten of the Hottest Cosplay from Comic Con

Comic con has grown in popularity and transcends the usual cellar dwelling geeks attracting people from all walks of life. A new trend in hot comic book girls has risen, with many making huge amounts of money online by simply dressing up as your favourite characters. Here is a tribute to ten of the best!

10. Princess Leia
You know that moment you go to a party and someone is wearing exactly the same clothes, embarrassing and annoying. But you will find dozens of these Princess Leia outfits on display, a true cosplay classic.

Gender is no reason to avoid a costume, this example of Superman (supergirl) just shows the classics can be reinvented!

You may even come across a celebrity at comic con, and not just the paid guests but in the crowd!

7.Sucker Punch Cosplay
With every new strong female comic book character comes a string of amateur attempts to cosplay!

6.Home made
Make your own!

5.Street Fighter Cosplay
Computer game cosplays can be great fun too!

4. Mystique

Body Paint cosplay is cool, but you best hope they have air con otherwise your paint may run!

3. Avatar

A one year wonder comes along every now and then, a hit film which is quickly forgotten.

2.Lara Croft
There are classics that come back year after year, no doubt partly due to the cheap cost of cosplaying a character like this.

1.Rogue (X-Men)
At the end of the day the objective is too look like the character!

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