Thursday, 31 January 2013

Top 4 ideas for Valentines Day

Ok so Valentines day is coming and assuming your in a relationship or hoping to be in one enough to be doing something special for someone then here as some top ideas for things to do.

Some of them may be a lot simpler than others but then the path to true love is a difficult one and you may need a big gesture to seal the deal.

1. Treasure hunt

People love working for things and this is a great way to really get your special someone excited about whatever gift you have got them. I'd suggest the scale of this is proportionate to the present you have at the end, so if your stretching to a box of chocolates maybe a treasure hunt round the house or garden, or local park would be ok. Leave 7 clues to let them work out and maybe make some of the clues relevant to your relationship e.g. "the first song we cuddled to" which leads them to the CD cabinet or iPod with the next clue. If you have a larger scales plan with perhaps a 3 course meal and proposal at the end of it then you can afford to have them work a little harder. Maybe give them some money for taxis and have your clues left with shopkeepers or barmen in different places you lead them around. Whatever scale you do it on there is always fun to be had and it brings out the inner pirate in all of us!

2. Make a love heart and their initials out of sweets

This is a simple, cheap and effective gesture. Make a large love heart with their initials out of their favourite sweetie. The bed is a great place to do this but remember if they like sugar coated sweeties put a blanket down first as you don't want sugar granules in your bed if you get lucky!

3. Get a signed photo from one of their favourite celebs.

Your thinking wow that sounds expensive, but it needn't be with a bit of planning. Find addresses of your chosen celebs (probably best to get at least 5 different ones) and send them self addressed envelope with a letter explaining how much your partner loves them. You will then get an autograph back, some of them will be reprints but, hell its the thought that counts and its not like your trying to sell them on eBay, its a gift of love. Some celebs will even send you one from an email and imagine the delight on your partners face if they get an envelope addressed to them from their favourite star, shows that you listen and your secure in your relationship.

4. Get a T-shirt printed

Wear a t-shirt proclaiming your love or a more personal idea printed on it to show them how much you care. Matching T-shirts are a cool way to show your a couple and if the design is personal to you then it can mean so much more. Whilst not breaking the bank this can provide a present and gesture that shows thought and care.

In essence, the price doesn't matter much and if it does then you need to get single quick, the gesture needs to demonstrate you listen and actually know them. Take a few minutes to figure out what they would like and you will see its not that difficult and that card or chocs you were going to get from the petrol station, don't bother. Google