Thursday, 24 January 2013

Top 3 ideas for movies in Scotland

So like most people i enjoy thinking about what film I would make if I was some rich and talented director or if I suddenly won the Euromillions. Here is my top 5 at the moment. Let me know your thoughts and any ideas of your own.

1. The Battle for Independence

As the date of the independence referendum approaches tensions between Holyrood and Westminster deteriorates a small band of Celtic warriors arms themselves and marches on London. Without any home guard this small band of men manage to work their way southward and an epic battle scene on tower bridge between London riot cops and this small army take place. The twist being a small high tech band of cyber warriors hack into trident with disasterous consequences leading to total extinction of the UK.

Main Star: Robert Carlyle

2. Loch Ness: The lost souls

A group of American teenagers set out backpacking across europe. They camp on the banks of Loch Ness the home to the infamous Loch Ness Monster. As they party the night away strange things begin to happen. With ghostly figures appearing in the distant fog and large roars heard rumbling in the starry night the group decide to launch a nearby row boat and head into the Loch to find the origin of these noises. What they discover is a gateway just beneat the surface. This gateway leads straight into a hell like dimension with large soul eating monsters and an army of tortured creatures that hunt the group down and skin them alive. As they cross into this gateway they unleash a soul eater into a local town with only one man able to stop this, Rev. McTavish. A drunk and lonely preacher from the local town with a dwindling congregation. He knows of this evil but waits for the soul catcher to clense his town of non believers before returning it to the pits of hell and trapping forever the group of American Teenagers....with one final look into their scared and terrified eyes he smiles and says "Yolo"

Main Star: Liam Neeson

3. Clearance

Across the globe people begin to die from immunity to antibiotics due to over prescription and a super virus immune to the drug. As the world population plummets only small pockets of survivors are safe from the looting and virus. One of the pockets is a small village North of Aberdeen. The village begins to assign tasks and become self sufficient successfully putting in place a hierarchy to ensure order and compliance with the new rules. As the contact with others begin to become less frequent and the last reports of attacks from rabid humans are heard the village decide to begin manufacture of weapons from these invaders. These walking dead begin to attack in waves drawn by the energy generated from the village working power station. The villagers become a well honed army of zombie hunters and decide to venture out to source better weapons and machinery. This leads them on a merry adventure across well known landmarks in Europe as they become a real working army.

Main Star: Summer Glau


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