Saturday, 19 January 2013

Top 5 blokes you don't mind your mrs fancying

So normally your wife/girlfriend says "oh he's hot" and you have to smile thinking no he's some stupid idiot. But every once in a while there is that bloke where you say, fair enough i can totally see why you fancy him he is so cool! Here is the top 5 actors in films where you don't mind your partner saying "wow what a hotty"

1. Ryan Gosling in Drive

Ryan Gosling is the most fancied actor on the planet at the moment thanks to the Notebook women think he is lovely and sensitive, he is also incredibly good looking and has the shape of a Ken Doll. But in this film it is just such a great film you can happily sit through the cooing of your wife because he is an awesomely talented actor that takes a part which such little dialogue and pulls off one of the best performances I have ever seen.

2. Brad Pitt in Fight Club

Brad Pitt has been around for a long time but one of his greatest films was Fight Club. This is such a bloke film with violence at its core but most women will happily watch it for the numerous topless scenes from this hunk. It is amazing to think this guy is now old enough to be dad to a 30 year old!

3. Jensen Ackles in Supernatural

Ok I am aware this is not a film but a TV show however it is a great show that you must watch. Jensen plays Dean who is a ladies man that is hilariously funny and women would say cute. But thats ok this guy is way to cool to hate just sit back enjoy and accept your wife will be thinking how he would be the perfect date.

4. Meatloaf in Rocky Horror Picture show

That was a bit left field, but it is true meatloaf is fanciable and in this he plays the dangerous motorcycled driving Eddy. The reason you dont mind them fancying Meatloaf is that you dont feel threatened i mean come on the guy is old and he plays Bob with boobs in the above mentioned fight club.

5. James McAvoy in the last kind of Scotland

James McAvoy plays the Scottish dr in this (losely based on a true story) film. He is cool, funny and eventually ends up scared and pathetic. Talented and clever with some great wit and cheeky smile you can't help but thinking he is cool so don't get annoyed when you discover your other half has a secret crush. Google