Saturday, 19 January 2013

Top 3 Twitter rows Winners and Loser

Twitter has somehow come to be known as the place where normally respectful quiet people get into arguments. It is highly amusing seeing two rich and famous people slate each other in public for all to see, the virtual equiavalent to celebrity death match except these people aren't made of plastercine. So lets look at the best ones and in my opinion who won.

1. Frankie Boyle vs James Arthur

Frankie is a controversial comedian, bit like marmite you either love him or you hate him but are very curious as to why others like him so continue to watch behind closed fingers. James Arthur is apparently the most credible winner of the Xfactor, not sure that sentence works, credible and Xfactor doesn't fit. Frankie has long run a nice social commentary on his twitter to practice material and engage with his fans and James Arthurs rise to fame means he is the new kid on the celebrity twitter block. James took issue at some of Frankie's tweets and what ensuede was a great little battle of the wits. Some extracts include

James to Frankie
"Stop using my name to try to rekindle your career" "your about as funny as aids"

Bit ironic to say such a thing to a man who has just had a sell out UK comedy tour and a DVD that was top ten in the xmas comedy charts, considering James had yet to make a penny from his music career.

Frankie to James
"You snaggletoothed grammar holocaust" "inked up like a schooldesk in a remedial class"

Some great one liners that seemed to cause a rise in tension for James.

Verdict - Frankie Boyle Wins.
There was only ever going to be one winner and it was the man that makes a living from destroying people in front of a paying audience. It felt like Frankie had touched a raw nerve in questioning the TV talent show and James probably sick of the grief inadvisadely decided to hit back at the wrong person. Still Great tweeting guys!

2. Chris Brown vs Jenny Johnson

Chris Brown is a multi record selling music artist who is most famous for apparently violence against his then and now partner Rihanna. Jenny Johnson is a comedian apparently but not much is available about her other than this argument so lets assume she is a minor celebrity who doesnt like domestic violence.

Chris to Jenny
"I should fart while your giving me top"

Jenny to Chris
"Your mum must be so proud"

Verdict - Jenny Johnson wins
She is the winner because firstly Chris Brown deleted his twitter account and secondly because he is a complete idiot who is such a bad role model for his underage fans he should be removed from duty and given a restraining order from all recording equipment in the universe to ensure he never again reaches my eardrums.

3. Cher Lloyd vs Cheryl Cole

Cher Lloyd was not the winner of Xfactor but is now a small scale musician making a few records which got some radio play. Cheryl Cole is an unapologetic Pop star who also was a judge on Xfactor and she is seen as a style icon in the UK with endorsements for a number of fashion and beauty products. The interesting thing about this argument is that it was typical female arguing with hidden digs and nasty undertones, but the irony of the situation is that Cher Lloyd was actually only ever made famous because of Cheryl mentoring her. Like a bad fantasy movie the apprentice grows up and strikes down there teacher with a savage blow.

Cher to Cheryl
‘Maybe, if she sings live with me… [it’s] always [a challenge] nowadays when you haven’t got the nifty little button to press.’

Cheryl to Cher
‘Be Careful who you kick on your way up… They kick you twice as hard on your way back down.. #unappreciationisugly.’

Verdict - Cheryl wins
Because she is more graceful and obviously more successful but mainly just because it struck me as being pretty ungrateful to slate someone who had helped you in the past, even if it was just for ratings.