Monday, 4 February 2013

Top 3 things that tell you your addicted to smoking

There are a lot of addictions out there, smoking, chocolate, sex, alchohol and drugs to name a few. Out of all of the vices in life smoking is the one where people assume if you do it then you are definetly addicted. With alchohol a few drinks doesn't mean your addicted, a bar of galaxy of an evening also doesn't indicate an addiction and the quickie you had this morning before work doesn't mean your the next David Duchovny with a sexual addiction. Here are 3 different ways to tell you are addicted to smoking:

1. The morning cigarette

This is the most difficult to give up and they say that if you go more than 40 minutes before your first cigarette then you are less addicted than if you do it first thing. If you find yourself stood at the back step of your house jigging up and down bursting on the loo as you puff on your cigarette and then once finished rush to the toilet then you are probably pretty badly addicted. The morning cigarette feels the best, because you have had a long enough break from smoking to make it seem nice and new. This will be the last cigarette you give up but can also be the one that breaks your attempt to give up. Often when stopping if you give in to it within 20 minutes of the day it is easy to say "oh well i'll try again tommorrow", instead you should assume this will be last one to give up and work the day backwards.

2. Can't get your lighter to work

If your lighter stops working and you use a hybrid of those two out the drawer, you know the one with no flint and the one with no gas to create a double handed lighter then you probably pretty badly addicted. Lighting a cigarette is annoying in the wind, rain etc and if you have no functioning lighter and aren't around other smokers it is so frustrating, you'd even try the two sticks to create fire if you had to. Cookers, starting your car just to use the lighter or even those old matches you use to light the coal fire are all valid methods of lighting that cig during a period of no functioning lighter. Instead try using this as sign, matches are a good way to keep a track of your cigarettes. When you plan to cut down only take enough matches for the cigarettes you will have and if one doesn't work use it as a sign.

3. Maths can be handy

If you are addicted to smoking you have counted out change to buy a packet of smokes. Keep a track of the amount your spending and then also start a fund for something you really want, like perhaps a mini city break to New York. You will be amazed at how fast the track of spending on smokes smashes through your target long before any money you have saved does. Keeping track of spend is a way of making you ashamed of smoking and the waste of money it causes.

Like all advice, its easy to say and a lot harder to do but then all addictions are a problem when you have to factor them into your day. If your a social smoker or a part time smoker then good for you, well done on not falling into the desperation addicted smoker trap and being able to take it or leave it. Google

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