Monday, 21 January 2013

Top 5 things to do during Zombie apocalypse

As the threat of a zombie infestation grows as the world becomes overpopulated and the popularity of this phenomena increases there is a few key survival tips you may need. To ensure your survival then you should prepare the basics and make sure that those who you wish to survive with you also take heed.

1. Find weapons

Guns would be your first choice due to their easy to use nature and maximum destruction capability but not all countries have an abundance of weapons lying around. In the UK for instance a farm would be your best bet of finding this type of weapon as many farmers use them to cull rabbits and other farm pests. The drawback with guns is the constant requirement for ammo, you would be better to use a poker or bat of some sort, for instance cricket bat, baseball bat or a nice wedged golf club. In a group scenario this would not work but then if you find yourself surrounded by a group of zombies your best weapon is your very very fast.

2. Find people

If you discover the apocalypse happened whilst you were asleep then you may find it tricky to find others who are alive but the risk will be worth it as the apocalypse will be no fun alone. Also make sure the numbers in your group are even, you don't want a group of men as then it may all get a bit rambo and also you don't want a group of women as it may turn out they end up killing each other. If you do discover any old or young survivors then remember you must protect them it is not ok to use them as live bait.

3. Get a secure place to hold up

Create a base, whether it be the rooftop of a shopping mall or a loft in a house make sure it is secure from all sides and allows you to get some sleep. Running around all day looting and killing zombies can be terribly tiring work and you will want a safe place to rest your head, a look out is all fine and well but lets be honest you can't trust anyone to stay awake. A lockable one entrance base that you know well and preferably a ceiling entrance as zombies don't do ladders so your sure not to find millions huddled around the entrance waiting for tommorrow.

4. Gather food and water

Remember having not known what caused this make sure you only drink bottled drinks, water ideally to ensure it gives you maximum hydration, setting up rain catchers on the roof is a good idea and if you have a few bags of soil for growing some vegetables aswell. Remember tinned food loses a lot of its natural vitamins so unless you looted a health food store for some vitamins you gonna need to eat something fresh.

5. Make sure you are the leader

Again trust is difficult so you want to make sure you stamp your authority all over your chosen group of survival buddies, use the tried and tested 'prison big boy' routine of finding the most scary looking person in the group and either verbally humiliate them or just simply batter them. You might think this is harsh and unneccessary or you may be a pascifist (by which your probably not going to last 28 days) but it will be beneficial because then you can ensure the plan is executed.

Finally remember this isn't a test of endurance this is about creating a new life, everyone else is gone and you should assume you are essentially the new adam or eve. Make the plan sustainable, enjoyable and safe.

Good luck and see you on the other side