Thursday, 31 January 2013

Top 4 reasons people do not like driving in the snow?

Having had a recent band of bad weather there was a lot of snow and this caused major chaos all across the roads in the UK. So was wondering to myself why is it that people dont like to drive in the snow?

Well here is the top 5 reasons I could come up with.

1. Snow makes the car skid

We have all had that gut churning moment when your wheels go under the car even just for a moment and you panic. But the thing about snow is generally side roads (your street, driveway etc) aren't cleared and you have to start your car slowly to ensure no wheel spinning and then drive very carefully until your onto a cleared road. I know that skidding can be scary but aslong as the snow hasn't fallen on a sheet of ice you will generally be perfectly able to drive along the road onto a main cleared road. Alternatively you could just do all your neighbours a favour and get the shovel out to clear the road and put down some salt but I have found most people aren't that nice.

2. A mix of fast and slow drivers is bad

Once you get onto a cleared stretch of motorway you will discover a bizarre lesson in human psychology. There is three types of drivers on the road, the first is a slow careful driver who drives to a reasonable speed but with due consideration for the conditions. Then you have the "oh my god, oh my god" brigade who drive dangerously slowly and are visible terrified that they are in charge of this heavy car in such terrible conditions. Finally you are left to witness the "oh its been snowing who cares my car has breaks" that drive like they are on a police chase and if you are in their way they sit about 3 feet from your bumper looking like you have just shat in their kettle!

3. You may get stuck

Everyone has heard of the stories about people sleeping in their cars overnight because they get snowed in, or worse still you make it to work but can't get home and have to sleep on a chair with wheels! The best thing to do is to check the weather before you leave to make sure it has stopped and won't get any worse. It may be really necessary to get to your destination but if you do go when its forecast to continue to worsen then pack some food and drink in your car just incase and charge your mobile phone.

4. People are lazy

Everyone wants something for nothing and lets be honest you could get to work if you had to, but whats the point when you can get paid to sit and watch TV all day. This means that whilst people do moan about snow and the disruption usually there is a large number of school kids and workers who actively enjoy snow as they get a free day off. If your not lucky enough to work for an employer who pays your wages when you can't make it in then I suggest you invest in some snow chains for your car.

The over ridding issue with snow is that because so many people avoid driving in it the problem worsens quicker, with less cars on the road to clear the snow it causes more disruption. Everyone should agree to just get on with it, clear the road in front of your house and those neighbours who aren't able to do it themselves and drive with care. You can be sure that when the day comes that you need an ambulance and the road ain't clear it could just make the difference between life and death. Think about it. Google

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