Sunday, 13 October 2013

Top 5 Pranks to play on your spouse - The Revenge

So you have been the victim of a cruel prank by someone you thought was the closest to you? You may be feeling like you should strike back quickly but be patient, the thought of what you might do will be added torture for them.

1 - On the loo

 Two of the best types of pranks are bathroom pranks and sleeping pranks. The reason is because it catches them off guard but also because they don't immediately chase after you and give you a beat down! This prank is simple throw water over them and laugh, but sometimes the originals are best.

2 - Ouch up the nose

 People look so peaceful when they sleep, but of course not when they have a nose full of hotsauce. Just check for allergies before doing this one!

3 - Slippy when wet
Wait on your partner to go for a shower, then lace the floor with butter, easier to do depending on the layout of your bathroom but only works when they are coming out the shower so be stealth like. Another option would to be pour olive oil  under the door!

4 - What waterbed?
Your partner always going on about your extravegant spending? Why not surprise them with a water bed, when they first sit on it. they will be like wow its really wavy, until the water soaks through then the laughs begin. Be careful as this can get very messy!

5 - Slap bang wallop
Mindless violence is funny, a good hard slap on the bum can be insult enough but this is beyond funny when you also deliver a creampie to the face (not that type you perv). I can see how clowns made a living out of that kinda prank for decades, until they became creepy!

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