Monday, 4 November 2013

Post Apocalypse Dating Tips

 There are many ways the apocalypse could happen, resulting in the majority of the human race being wiped out. So what do you do when you discover you are in a dwindling pool of singles? Here is some great advice to help you find a perfect match during this difficult time.

Check for bites!

There is not point in getting involved with someone who is about to turn into a flesh eating zombie, or begin to mutate from that radiation during the nukes. Health in a post apocalypse won't be like now, insurance will be nothing more than a paper document you once had and Doctors will be in high demand. If you do fall for a brain hungry gobbler then be sure to keep them on a tight leash, it may offend any other survivors you meet. 

Don't forget to Put the effort in

If Hollywood has taught us anything it is that we are most likely to find ourselves holed up with a gloriously beautiful person, with the apocalypse wiping out the competition your chance has never got better, but to be in with a real shot you do need to shower. Finding a fresh water source and looting some nice clothes may just be worth the risk!

Jealousy is a thing of the Past

With technology networks across the globe now rotting artifacts of a lost civilization then you need not worry about who has just messaged them on facebook, what emails they are getting or that their ex follows them on twitter. If however you still find yourself desperately paranoid then simply loot a decent lie detector kit, with instruction manual, more fun than a game of monopoly!

Avoid the Honey Trap

If I was an atractive single in a post apocalyptic world and needed to find food, shelter and a supply of entertainment I may just use my charms to con people. Don't be fooled by just anyone, just because you stumble across a hot lonely stranger this may not be fate it could in fact be a trap to rob you of your possessions.

Be Safe

You have to find shelter, food and water before you can etch out a life for yourself and your newly discover love. The last thing you need is a baby, so remember there are pharmacies in every town, go get some birth control!

And remember during the apocalypse the internet won't be working, so you cannot rely on online dating websites for your dating needs! If all else fails you can always try setting up a speed dating event, it's easier to go fast when there are hoardes of hungry zombies and looters at the door.

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