Saturday, 12 October 2013

Google+ - The home of Comedy and Advice

The rise of Google+ in the social networking market is both a blessing and a nightmare. The early adopters of Google+ were mainly bloggers and internet savvy business users, quickly claiming their business profile and beginning to churn out some seriously useful advice. The amount of support and advice, the ease of use and the great functionality meant this social network was a breath of fresh air. Facebook went all corporate and are trying to monetise their systems by force feeding you adds, reducing the newsfeed items from those you want to read replacing them with prominent marketing. Twitter became the playground of trolls and viruses, looking to annoy or infect you. Linkedin is the network for the professional and their complex user interface and difficult navigation makes it a labour intensive excercise. Myspace, do they still exist?

Where did it all go wrong?

Like any good party it starts to sour, the DJ has changed the record and the drunks start to appear. Google+ is now littered with the perverts, the teen angst and yes the cat pictures. What makes google+ really cool was the ability to share content that was good, but in doing this there are entire communities of people who do nothing but share other peoples posts, like some kind of weird echo. It obviously works with thousands following these echos, waiting on the next post they want to rip off, or perhaps in the hope they can share theirs.

Here are five things you will find you come across often on G+

1 - The informative post

2 - The Business post

3 - The 'Funny'

4 - The Political

5 - The Sex

It ain't all that bad!

Alas it isn't all doom and gloom though, you can be picky about who you follow, ensuring you encase them in a well titled circle so you can filter out the nonsense and noise and get to the gold. The other great thing about google+ is the communities, finding them may be increasingly difficult due to the number now on there, but once you get a good one that is well moderated you can find all the advice in the world. A blend of sharing good content and posting your own unique items is the best way to get ahead, as with anything on the internet black hat techniques may get you a thousand followers but it won't get you any quality. Engage with people, comment on posts and share their info but most of all don't post cat pictures, I hate them!

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