Saturday, 12 October 2013

These T-Shirts come with Balls!

People choose their slogans on a t-shirt for a whole host of reasons, from comedy irony to proud proclamation of faith. Choosing when to wear them is key, but some people are either stupid or have some serious balls to pull off a provocative t-shirt in public. 

Here are some great examples:

1. Iran Election t-shirt
If you don't read the news then you won't be aware of the political tension between Iran and the US. The nuclear aspirations of Iran have long been a stumbling block for political discussions between these two countries and the rising tensions of religious beliefs between the two nations doesn't help matters. So when your voting in a predominently Muslim country in an election for a country that has been stifled in its nuclear goals by the US it takes some serious courage to wear a "God Bless America" T-Shirt. Of course it may have been worn ironically, but i wouldn't chance it!

2 - I'm a great dad
If your sick of your kids bringing their friends over the the house, eating all the food and generally making the place a pig sty, then perhaps your should take a leaf out of this guys book. Proclaim your greatness with your t-shirt whilst your choice of shorts will proclaim I am a total embarrassement to my kids. Short shorts are great, we all love short shorts but guys, with bellies shouldn't be sold these, it's like serving a drunk guy another beer, it just shouldn't be allowed!

3 - Creepy pulling t-shirt
Wow your t-shirt is hilarious for about five seconds, and if your wondering around on your own, with sunglasses on and randomly sitting next to hot ladies it is not cool, its very very creepy. Perhaps the sunglasses are to stop the stinging when you get maced?

4 - Gun Violence is cool!

Being a celebrity is difficult, every time you step out the door some red top paper has splashed your outfit for all to see. Many celebs make this work for them by promoting charities or their own new material, or perhaps even a political belief. But picking a subject so devicive is probably a tad too far, people won't like that Uzi and some people will love it. Let's find out on the ratings of your next TV show or film!

5 - Don't date my daughter
Fathers have tried many tactics to get their daughters to not date, from cleaning the barrell of your gun on the porch as he picks her up, to arm wrestling on dining room table. When this unfortunate girl missed curfew her dad got a t-shirt printed, the scariest looking picture he could find of himself emblazened onto her top will no doubt serve its purpose. I guess this would only work if your built like a brick shithouse!

If you have a great idea why not let us know!