Monday, 7 October 2013

How to get rid of cold callers on the phone!

These days you have probably already registered for the telephone preference service or your local equivalent, but you may find you still get a ridiculous amount of unwanted calls on your phone. So here are some tricks about how to get those cold callers to stop ringing you.

1. Get a Whistle

A loud blast of the whistle will no doubt have the caller throwing their headset down on the desk, that individual won't be bothering you again.

2. Talk dirty to them

These cold callers are getting friendlier, asking your first name and referring to you as 'mate' or 'pal', why not turn the tables on them and get saucy, its sure to at least get them to end the call quickly.
3. Name Drop

Google is only ever a button press away so why not Google their cheif executives details and mention to the cold caller you are personal friends, they will either hang up or mark your account as VIP do not disturb!
4. Leave the Handset

Ask them to explain something then leave the phone off the hook, alternatively say "Oh thats my door i'll be back in a second" this might not immediately reduce the calls but at least the time they wait is time they ain't bugging some other poor sod!
5. Pretend Your the Cops 

The best one by far is to frighten the life out of the cold caller and pretend you are at a murder scene, check out the below video clip for the transcript of how to do this!

Of course the best example would be for you to simply change your number to a premium rate number and let them get charged to call you, making you lots of money and really annoying these cold callers. This may not be entirely legal unless you have a recording to warn callers of your premium rate and you may find yourself leaving your number on websites for quotes of things you don't want, mailing lists, and even bathroom walls, but remember this isn't a full time job it was meant to just stop cold callers!