Friday, 4 October 2013

Politically Charged T-Shirts - Have you got yours?

The news that US government had shut down was music to the ears of one industry, the personalised garment industry. Because they have been in boom time since the announcement with a series of hilarious t-shirts all aiming at the US government and the rather crazy goings on of the biggest world super power. 



We have seen all kinds of different take on the big political news of the day and it got me thinking, what other politically motivated t-shirts are out there and I came across some corkers. Here are my top five politically motivated t-shirts.

5. Be Green
The environment is often the easiest of political motivations, you see many celebrities adorn a green message on their top, but I like this because its subtle and the printing placement is different. 

Socialism is like a dirty word in large sections of the US, thanks to a sustained belief since the cold war that it is just another form or communism. Of course the irony on this anti-Obama T-shirt is that he is not a socialist, in fact he is very much a capitalist and wants to see big profits across big companies.

3. Banksy
The guerrilla artist Banksy says things that the world thinks, he is anti-establishment and anti-capitalism defined, giving his art away for free. This t-shirt is one of his greatest works, funnily enough because he is anonymous he can't claim royalties, d'oh!

2.Free Tibet
The free tibet campaign has been around for a long time and this t-shirt is a great example of how political messages can be powerful on many different levels. Applying to popular culture but also being clear.

1. Scottish Independence

In 2014 the Scottish residents will decide whether they are to be self determined or remained governed by Westminster. This once in a lifetime referendum comes amid some of the worst economic times and sustained cuts to public spending, given the countries more socialistic views we can but hope this vote is a big fat YES!

Have you got an embarrassing political t-shirt of your own? or would you like to make one, let me know your ideas!