Sunday, 21 April 2013

Top 5 Crazy Football Antics

So today football (soccer) was shamed once more, not by fan violence but by the antics of a millionaire footballer. To think that someone with so much money manages to make complete tit of themselves is as scary as it is amusing. The problem with the majority of footballers is they lack the ability to understand their stature, they are role models to many and they are viewed by millions. Whether it is due to the high profile nature of the game, the lack of education of its stars or the fact brilliance and lunacy seem to be inexplicably linked. Here are 5 of the worst British football incidents as well as a showcase of the footballers talents

Luis Saurez Bite

Saurez has form for biting, having already served a lengthy ban for a previous bite he has been at it again. A likely lengthy ban will be imposed by the FA and considering his previous conduct I can't see much hope of him being in EPL for much longer. Sad as it is from a footballer that has some serious talents to offer and is undoubtedly Liverpool's only world class footballer.

Duncan Ferguson Headbutt

Big Dunc was a hard-man, back in the days of a powerful centre forward to play long ball to he was the best. Playing for Ranger's before moving down south he was a great example of a strong physical Scottish striker. The incident left him with a custodial sentence, perhaps the harshest punishment ever given for a football field incident, unfortunately it did not have the desired effect of stopping others, although much more likely to see a feigned injury than a real Glasgow Kiss.

Vinny Jones Ball Grab

Jones, now a Hollywood actor, was the hatchet man for his club. Every English team used to have one in midfield that would be given the task of keeping quiet any skill-full players. The game was far more physical previously and Jones was a master of the dirty foul. It doesn't get much dirtier than when he took Gazza by he family jewels and owned him during a league game.

Eric Cantona Fly Kick

Most footballers would love to have a scrap with some fans, after all they sit for 90 minutes screaming abuse at you. Eric 'the king' Cantona decided he was going to do just that and his acrobatic fly kick marred what was an amazing footballing talent.

Eden Hazard kicks ball boy

More recently the off field antics of one silly little ball-boy was somehow used as an excuse to get Eden Hazard off from his kick. The ball boy was said to have proclaimed his time wasting plan on twitter prior to the game, however regardless of this literally kicking a boy is pretty disgraceful behaviour. The incident was swept quickly under the carpet and Hazard is now proclaimed as a top talent, but like so many others he has a nasty streak.

So let's weigh up the relative punishments for each offence and see if we can decipher what is likely to happen;

Suarez first bite - 7 match ban
Ferguson Headbutt - 3 months prison
Jones Ball grab -No Action
Cantona Fly kick - 120 hours community service
Hazard Kick of Ball-boy - Red Card

So from that we can assume that Saurez will either get a lengthy ban, a prison sentence for repeated offences, or a movie deal. Consistency was never a strong point of football.

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