Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Social Commentary in Sci Fi - Elysium

Neill Blomkamp brought us the apartheid commentary laden film District 9 which was a great example of sci fi that is not just senseless special effects. The skill of Blomkamp is his ability to imagine a world in the future set against current and past topics of social commentary.

The film Elysium which is out this summer featuring Jodie Foster and Matt Damon is sure to be a sci fi fan must, but will the social commentary have been left aside in favour of his ever increasing budget for effects and 'A-listers'. Picking up on the popular 99% movement of recent years this film is set in a future in which the 1% have abandoned the planet to the 99% and taken refuge in luxury. The seperation of the 1% physically from the earth is portrayed as being a catastrophic event which left the world as an over populated baron wasteland and Elysium as an eden style paradise.

If we can believe the acting of Matt Damon and the story has enough depth to really get the point across this could be a delight, but if nothing else at least we get to see some cool spaceships on the big screen!