Tuesday, 2 April 2013

T-Shirts - Display your belief

It seems that showing off your particular interest in a movie or a musician is acceptable dress wear in society but that overtly Christian or other religious wear is deemed inappropriate and opens you up to criticism. Sad as this is it is an epidemic in our society to hide faith and never discuss your own beliefs. Particularly in male circles you find that a conversation down the pub is never quite the same once you pronounce your belief in a God, seeing others edge away from the bar leaving you alone with your rather flat pint. 

This trend of hiding your faith is an awkward result of recent terrorism and world conflict that has been done under the guise of religion. Whilst people are quick to judge a crime on the religious belief of the perpetrator they seem to not pause for thought that evil can use religion in this way to marginalise belief. The answer is to hold a firmer grip on your faith and to proclaim it in a more enlightened way. With no positive messages coming from our organised mass churches that media want to take any notice of, preferring to dwell on the outrageous actions of a few that represent that faith. A positive message is a message of love and understanding, to be tolerant of all views but to ensure that your own conviction is not tampered by anxiety or fear. A belief is something that should be shared and enjoyed by many, whilst not aggressive this is often dismissed as trying to convert others. Why can a man not relate their daily experience to that of Jesus in a conversation without cries of preacher at his door? All to easily people are missing out on the chance to engage with the words of different faiths because of this subtle undertones of discrimination.
So to proclaim your faith silently but effectively you can revisit your wardrobe and enshrine your belief in a T-Shirt. A bold proclamation of faith without words, a proclamation of faith that is clearly visible , thought provoking and one that cannot be dismissed with angry words. 

There are two ways of doing this with either a modern twist on media with Christian message
Or perhaps a more subtle message that will provoke action to others who may then go and research your message and find God. 

However you wish to display your faith you should do so with pride, if questioned about your faith use it as an opportunity to repair the damage that evil has done to religion and perhaps you will help some others find their way to God.