Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Playstation 4 - Lots of Fuss

Sony are by far the best brand to purchase any electrical goods from. They are quality, well built, reliable and trendy. However this constant upgrading of technology has perhaps gone too far this time. If you consider the UK market where Internet connections are still using copper based BT wires layed before you were born then it would be safe to assume that you cannot do as much online gaming, interacting and the like as you would had the Government decided to spend billions laying fibre optic then renting it out to companies at a huge profit.
The PlayStation 4 seems to have some great Cloud based ideas, like having games preloaded awaiting you to click to purchase, something that sounds fantastic considering the amount of people who have to queue at the local Game store for big release dates. It says it will learn what you like from what you play, not sure i like that idea as if its anything like Amazon then it might learn i like kids games because my nephew was around the other day playing Finding Nemo. But if like me you often disconnect from the internet to game so that it does not gobble up your bandwidth then it won't learn.

Online streaming of your gameplay is another feature, so you can show others you playing a game. I think this is for those hardcore gamers, or perhaps its a great way to help others get past certain parts of a game by broadcasting your skills. My issue with this is how do I find someone that can show me how to do something? Is there going to a whole new mass social media set up to help you connect with the right people? Are they going to have games with experts doing tutorials linked at the sidebar? Well the answer to that is probably going to be no. Basically they will allow you to broadcast to your friends list, which means you need to do all the hard work of finding someone who can do what you need then setting up to watch them do it, much easier to just search on YouTube.

When the PS3 was launched Sony made the correct decision to integrate a blu ray player into the device, attracting all those PS2 owners to rush out and buy one and making it a huge success. Unfortunately this time other than the cloud technology which could turn out to be a flop much like the advertised Playstation Home interface on the PS3, there does not seem to be that big wow factor to tempt your existing customers. Most will simply wait till the prices begin to fall before getting one to keep upto date with latest game releases although history tells us that games are often produced on previous platforms for upto 3 years post implementing a newer model.

So all in all, yet to be convinced about the usability of the technology given the backdrop of a recession and poor Internet coverage in the UK. Maybe there will be more details released to push you one way or anothers in the coming days.

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