Tuesday, 19 February 2013

4 things to do if a Meteor Crashes to Earth

So the recent reports of meteor crashing down to earth in Russia present a clear problem to us all. This is likely to happen again and we would all like to know what we should do in the event of this?

When the meteor struck it broke windows all over nearby homes and offices.It is said to be the largest in the past century and unlikely to happen again to that scale but just incase it does Here are 4 Top Tips:

1. Dont stand next to a window

The force of impact is likely to shatter any glass within the sound radius and broken glass is most likely the biggest danger of a meteor, as long as it doesn't hit you directly on the head of course. This means if your standing watching the decent out your window I would advise you move quickly. Stand in an open space if you wish to watch preferably somewhere higher up so you get a better view.

2. Get Pictures!

Most events now require good pictures for news items and bloggers all over the world. By taking pictures you are helping to inform the world of this amazing event. Perhaps you might even be offered money for them. This could be a great way to promote your own blog by asking for credit for its use. Whatever the reason you need to get the camera out as people will be interested.

3. Find fragments

If you are lucky enough to get your hands on some then you are probably going to be able to sell it. Alternatively it could hatch and become a cool alien friend for you to play with, so it's definetly a good idea to go and try and get some of the rock. That's if it is safe and hasn't been cordoned off by the FBI by the time you get there.

4. Help the injured

If anyone is hurt it would be worth helping them. It is the nice thing to do and ok you may want to take pics but you'd be better off helping those injured first. Its far better to be a hero than a reporter in anyone's books!

Written by Steven Hill