Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Top 5 most annoying things about Facebook

So everyone uses Facebook, but in fact in US and UK the number of users are dropping. This is because of the amount of news articles relating to how people have suffered at the hands of stalkers, been fired from jobs, been ignored for job opportunities or been trolled. The bigger your web footprint the worse it can be sometimes. The thing about facebook is that if you follow simple rules of maximum privacy and only befriending people you have actually met in real life and trust then you should be ok. Its a great tool for keeping in touch with family and friends in our ever nomadic existence. But then there are those gullable friends that can provide your feed with annoying pictures and updates like the five examples below:

1. Please share to show support for....

The reason these are bad is because unless it is raising money or awareness of something there is no point. I would happily share a post about how to check your testicles for cancer but i won't share it about a starving dog because that is simply depressing and doesn't actually end up helping the starving dog pictured.

2. The "Look im in a toilet!" Pictures

The toilet of a nightclub used to be a place for, throwing up, having casual sex and reapplying make up which had sweated off on the dancefloor. Unfortunately it has become a haven now for picture taking in the mirror. Thousands of people on a night out think that going to the bog and standing in the mirror will just be what the thousands of followers would like to see. Well I can tell you it ain't. Take a picture with something interesting in the background like perhaps the cliff your about to jump off.

3. Chain Mail

Chain mail used to be something you got through the door, really it did. Back when it first came out it was a letter you got that you had to post to ten other people, back then stamps were pennies and it was a regular form of contact written letters. Unfortunately these chain mail people have hooked onto social media and the place is riddled with the "If you don't repost this in ten minutes you will fall in a hole on the third thursday of the month". Its pointless and stupid and should really be removed by admins or sensible non superstitious people. Its also a great way to find half your friends have now hidden any posts from you so will never listen to anything you have to say.

4. The Advertising

When facebook first started their idea of facebook pages it was cool. I would get notifications that friends had liked local cool shops, teams, political groups. But now i'm getting told about Amazon, eBay and samsung. To be honest i can't be bothered with it because i already knew they existed and didnt need a banner ad to tell me. Facebook needs to be rid of the big gun advertisers and get back to the local community weird and wonderful pages you used to get feeds about. Although it won't because Facebook ads are massively expensive even although direct conversion rate of likes to sales is below 1%.

5. The School re-union brigade

People like to live their past over again and for some reason think getting back together with school mates is a great idea. Usually these people are boring and have nothing interesting to do since leaving school and are also very nosey. If after twenty years I haven't spoken to you then i probably don't care if you even exist anymore, I don't want to compare house sizes and wage cheques and I certainly don't want to ever think about School as I left and moved onto real life.