Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Top 5 Rap Battles You Ain't Ever Seen

Rap Battling took its origins from freestyle rapping over a beat. The idea being that you face off against an opponent and attempt to out perform them with freestyle rap. Often it can be offensive and insulting but mostly it is all very good natured and comedic. The rise of rap battling came to the fore after the Eminem film 8 Mile in which it showcases his earlier career in the rap battling circuit. Like all good things it was imported to the UK and many young rappers began to appear hoping to make a name for themselves, if nothing else this gives people on the street a creative outlet. Here are some epic rap battles from the UK that you haven't seen. If your easily offended you best look away now.

Wee D vs Rob Kane

This was taken from an event in which freestyle rappers had to compete against comedians.

Freestyle Master Vs Dog Shit Johnson

Manchester Football Rap Battle

O'shea/Innuendo Vs Frisko/Eddie P (Liverpool Vs Manchester)

 Wee Man vs Nitty Gritz (Bus Stop Battle)

Hope your enjoyed.

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