Wednesday, 13 March 2013

New Pope Revealed

The Vatican is a place of tradition and everyone loves the tradition of electing a new pope. It used to be the case the cardinals were locked in until they reached a verdict but now they stay in nearby hotels. What's interesting about this time is that in spite of the fact the resignation of the incumbent pope was a surprise they didn't take very long to elect a new one. The media expecting them to take days will be dissapointed that they managed to decide on day two.

The white smoke blew out the chimney and a mass surge of people entered to stand awaiting the arrival of the new pope. Many thought that this could be an opportunity for the first ever black pope, with the religion booming in Africa this would have been a sensible approach with other areas catholic congregations in decline.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio

But it was not to be with the first Non European pope elected in over 100 years. An Argentinian named Jorge Mario Bergoglio who will be referred to as Pope Francis 1 from now on was an outside bet and will be recieved by mixed emotions for many European Catholics.