Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Is Slating Justin Bieber a Valid Way to Promote your Blog?

For some reason Justin Bieber has a magic power over his followers to blindly attack anyone who dislikes him. They really are a crazy bunch of fans, probably very similar to what Beatles fans might have been like had social media existed to help fuel the stupid and insane antics egged on by their fellow keyboard warriors.

Not only has there been massive and sustained attacks on many Twitter users who dare to question the stars ability musically but there has only been campaigns to shave their hair because someone had suggested he had cancer, followed by the cut yourself to stop him smoking dope campaign. This has got to the point whereby parents need to start monitoring their childrens use of social media and get a grip on their childs sanity before it is too late.

In spite of the fact the kid is a singer who is given songs and fame by an industry that seems to have taken a normal middle class child and turned him into a celebrity monster that stalks your childs bedroom wall and wears his pants halfway down his legs in spite of his rather skinny frame. He has shown signs recently that he really does not care for his fans, turning up 2 hours late to a concert where the majority of fans are under 18 is irresponsible and how many parents had to sit in streets surrounding the venue waiting for them to finish? He also attempted to take some under 18 friends to a nightclub in London. Now I know some jetsetters get confused about what country they are in but seriously he comes from the US and can't even get into clubs there for another 2 years so what made him think that was the cool thing to do? I won't even mention the fact that the music industry has aimed him and his records at a demographic that is between 10 and 16 and yet he smokes drugs and drinks, something that he is entitled to do if he wasn't sitting on millions of pounds of other kids pocket money and setting a bad role model.

But perhaps there is something we can enjoy about this little fud, he is obviously a pretty good marketing tool for anyone who wishes to gain a bit of exposure. Twitter is a useful tool for information, unfortunately there is just as many people who like to cause trouble and tell lies. So why not try to write an article about him on your blog, tweet him using hashtag for beliebers and basically tell him what you really think of him. It might just get you a thousand new hits a lot of tweets and perhaps some comments on your blog. Not to mention the number of people who will use your link to slate you on their blogs, tweets and Facebook.