Saturday, 9 March 2013

Google Glasses a Stalkers Dream

Your sat in a bar and you notice a pretty girl you wouldn't mind chatting to, you put on your Google glasses, grab a quick pic and do a facial recognition search, you get back her entire online presence including Facebook, handy she hasn't updated her privacy settings so now you know that she is a writer who enjoys walking her dog on the beach. You then Google some of her favourite authors, get a snappy quote and there's your in.

Might sound pretty far fetched but then I wouldn't rule out the technology being widely available within 5 years. Facial recognition search engines exist, they are for the most part, pretty rubbish unless your looking for a celebrity. But as more of our lives go online you will find that someone, somewhere will start to build a big database of all the pictures online and be able to offer an image recognition search engine, bad news for anyone with a dodgy past.

There are of course a few barriers to the plan of being able to do quick searches, like perhaps a decent internet connection. Even if your in Starbucks and using their free wifi the speed isn't going to be great so you may end up looking like someone that has delayed reaction, not a good look for a prospective new date. There also if the minefield of bogus information you get coming up whenever you attempt to search for a person online, do you really have the time to sit and go through 74 pages of Google search to find out that someone likes dogs? If you do then you lack any sort of personality, whats wrong with simply asking questions and getting to know someone the old fashioned way?

This video highlights the funnier side of using Google glasses to impress girls but I'm sure there will be far more malicious things that people do. The best advice is to remove anything about yourself from the internet that you wouldn't want a colleague, Uncle or Stranger seeing.

But be warned once you start using Google glasses there is a chance you will become addicted and it will become like a best friend that is ALWAYS there!


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