Wednesday, 27 November 2013

What does your t-shirt say about you?

T-shirts are globally the most worn piece of outer clothing. Everyone has a t-shirt in their wardrobe and some have an amazing collection, but have you ever wondered what people see when you walk past them with your t-shirt on? A walking bilboard to your personality, a gateway to your mind or simply a projection of what you believe, the slogan on your chest is important.

Little Symbols

If you wear a t-shirt which has nothing more than a corporate logo then effectively you are nothing more than a walking advert. Brands want to market their clothing in adverts using cool people, pretty people, young people, etc. You aren't the advert and you shouldn't pretend to be. They say a cluttered place is a sign of a cluttered mind, but by that logic what does it make an empty room. Buying clothing for their street cred label is a foolish idea and shows a lack of free thinking. 

 Im Hip and I'm Cool

By getting on a bandwagon you can appear to others to be a sheep, buying a Keep Calm t-shirt in 2013 is kind of like showing up for a Beatles gig in 1999 and wondering why nobody else is there. You are so late for the party that you don't even get a beer, the cool kids have paired off and gone home and you only appeal to the left overs, who are probably so drunk they won't remember who you are in two seconds. Being hip and cool is a race, you need to be on the ball, ready to get that must have item before everyone else does, seeing a t-shirt on the TV or worn by your favourite pop star is a great way to inspire something that interests you but why wait till that local Chain outlet is selling them, get your own one made up especially for you, with your own little twist today, yes right now here is a link to get your own personalised t-shirt.

I'm Political

I love political t-shirts even if I don't love the message I like to conviction it shows in the wearer, proud to announce to complete strangers their views. A message can be powerful, provoke thought and spark political interest in an otherwise uninterested party. The only issue with political attire is that you may end up finding yourself stuck on a tube train in rush hour surrounded by corporate wage slaves wearing an Anarchy t-shirt and know exactly what loneliness is. So wear it proud but don't get yourself into danger.

I Don't get Irony

I was big into the Indie scene growing up and part of my love of music meant I wanted to learn about these musical Gods. I listened to interviews, I read every bit of the album insert and I even would sit up late to watch documentaries. I understood their message, their perspective and I put my own feeling and stamp on what the music meant to me. Seeing someone wear a Nirvana t-shirt depresses me, Kurt Cobain was ashamed of the success and vehicle for money his music became, selling out is a rock stars nightmare and seeing crowds of kids wear smiley faces would be enough to make you turn in your grave.

I'm Outrageous

I'm so outrageous I wear a t-shirt which will offend lots of people. Not only that I'm really proud of wearing an offensive t-shirt. I would never wear offensive language on my chest because I wouldn't want to subject children to it. It shows a lack of class and a total ignorance of your local community. It may seem funny or outrageous at first but in the end you simply project the message that you don't care and are to be avoided.

I'm in Trouble

Wearing a t-shirt in the wrong place at the wrong time is enough to make anyone sweat. Like the wearing a George Bush t-shirt to an Obama conference or a Blur t-shirt to an Oasis gig you are taking a big risk. Of course if thats your aim then lets hope you know kung fu.