Sunday, 8 September 2013

Stag do T-Shirts....The Rules!

The stag do t-shirt is a must for any bachelor celebrating their limited time before marriage, as a memento they are great for the group and can really help start the fun. As part of the best man's responsibilities the stag do is the main one, forget remember the wedding rings if you get the stag do wrong you will go down in history as a lame best man. So start things off with a bang with your t-shirt design but be careful not to get it wrong. Here are some tips about how to get it right!

Avoid offensive language

Nobody wants to see offensive language and if you are likely to come across the general public it could land you in a lot of trouble, a funny nickname might be hilarious to your friends but don't fall foul of the authorities by branding your top with rude words!

Cater for your group

You may find the group is a large mix of ages, some will be used to wearing t-shirts but older gents may prefer a nice polo shirt, although it is more expensive it will certainly be received better if you cater for this preference!

Keep your activity in mind

Getting into a club with a t-shirt branded as Boys on Tour may be like a Mission Impossible film, so unless you are Tom Cruise you may wish to tone down the message, a subtle left hand breast design for a weekend clubbing would be great, but a weekend away at a festival go all out and get those designs big and bold!

Make them personal

There is no point in getting simple designs, make them memorable, and ensure you personalise each one to your party, a simple name badge can help the party flow as the group may have some members who don't know everyone, certainly a better way than the awkward "Whats your name again?" Conversation killer.

Make sure the group wear them!

If they are hideous no one will wear them, so make sure the gang are all happy with the design, that is apart from the groom, you can set him apart with a garish and bright top which will leave nobody mistaking who he is!

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