Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Keep Your Van Gogh I'll have a Movie Poster!

One day you wake up and realise you are indeed an adult, it didn't happen over night but your discovery of the event will hit you like a blast of cold air. When you are young it's often easy to think of those rebelious thoughts, I'm never getting old! When in reality the number of complaints you make each day increases, you find yourself craving things from your past and you realise everything that is popular today is crap compared with your youth. 

As computer technology and art evolved so quickly since the 80's you will find that you aren't like your parents or grandparents, with their twee house decor and old fashioned dress sense. It's more common now to see middle aged men playing video games and wearing baggy jeans, this is their generations old age, filled with rock music and grand theft auto.Which has led to an increase in the types of art you will find in most homes, personally i avoid art preferring photography of places I love, signed memorobilia and of course Retro Movie posters. 

This type of art is a throwback to the days of posters hanging your bedroom wall, but instead of being the offcasts of your local cinema or video shop, or perhaps purchased from that once great shop Athena they have been digitally printed using a myriad of the available online places.

Here are some cracking examples that may take you back to those glory days of video rentals and the invention of microwave popcorn:

And to go one further you can even now get any image printed onto a t-shirt, hoodie or other garments...even a mug!