Sunday, 18 August 2013

How to get the best Uniforms EVER!

At school everyone used to hate wearing uniform, it was the ultimate defiance of authority to leave you top button undone. If you were lucky you could just about stomach that neck choking tie until second period by which time it was either tied round your head to make you look like some cool School Rambo or stuff so deep in your bag it was wrapped round those egg sandwiches mum made you that you couldn't eat in the canteen because everyone would accuse you of farting.

But when you enter the workplace all that changes, if you like your job the uniform is worn with pride, if you hate it then it is worn like a death row inmate dons a jumpsuit. If you own or run a business there can be an alternative, make your uniforms cool, get your employees to help design them or perhaps just rip off a cool idea you saw on TV. There are a multitude of companies who stand above the rest when it comes to uniforms and here is a selection.

Embrace your inner geek

The Oregon Ducks new season uniform is like a dark stormtrooper!
Imagine you have spent ten years building your own business, well you probably already feel a bit like the emperor fighting against those pesky Jedi knights. Why not just go the whole hog and have your staff dress as stormtroopers. Depending on the work involved it may be a bit uncomfortable but i'm sure there will be a compromise.

Go Ultimate Sexy
Hooters uniforms are small! But women still eat there!
 Going sexy may put off some customers but it will attract more than it will lose, the biggest thing to ensure is you don't turn your business into a lap dancing bar. Also remember people like to use their imagination, the topless hairdressers which lasted not even a year in Paisley may seem like a great business venture but it isn't! And the sexier you go the more muscle you need to keep your customers in line!

Make them look important

Making your staff look important is a must for certain types of work, you will find hi vis vests or accessory belts do the trick very well. That bright yellow jacket makes people associate with authority and can make your employees jobs a lot easier!

Use your colours wisely
The colours you choose are important, really they are. The problem with bright uniforms is it makes people want to look away. The other problem with bright uniforms is that they don't last very long, a bright yellow may turn into a mustard mess and you have just blown your annual budget on those nicely tailored garments. Ensure your colours blend naturally with your logo but you don't have to go overboard, a three or two tone design is sufficient.

Make them funny

If all else fails why not just go with humour, if your customers are laughing then their guard is down and your staff can get that sale, even if they do look like clowns! 

Why not print your own work-wear designs today!