Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Everything is a Remake! - Justice League 2015

You could be forgiven for thinking that somewhere during the 90's people ran out of ideas, all new thoughts were in fact just random thoughts that other people had years ago. Even in business it seems new ideas are so difficult it's just easier to try to reinvent an old idea that used to work, latest example is bebo being reinvented by the original owner who grossed a massive $84million for selling waiting on it to fail and then buying it back. 

The same can be said for a lot of the recent movies, superhero movies are particularly bad for this, being remade within a generation is disgraceful, the original viewers of any remake should at least be in a chair in the corner able to say "in my day it was much better" not barely having left their cinema seat before they are met with a re-imagining of a film they actually rather enjoyed.

Of course all of this is meaningless, what it boils down to is that risk died when the banks went pop. People want a sure thing, especially movie makers, they want to count on the same millions who saw the original to come back for the latest re-hash of it, with different actors. The Avengers movie grossed over a Billion, which would make you think it's well worth having a pop at. Of course they also had an A-List team of actors who had established themselves in their own movies prior to the coming together of their characters.

The idea behind the avengers movie, and it's success has apparently spawned a new concept for the Justice League movie, what this enables movie makers to do is create a series of movies showcasing the individual characters after they have brought together a band of loved DC characters in one massive mega movie. But there is more than one spanner in the works with this little concept, firstly the excellent Christopher Nolan who smashed home with his Dark Knight trilogy and Man of Steel will not in fact be directing it, also the Bale who added so much dark to the Batman movies will not be pulling on the kevlar costume for the film. This big blow means we will have to rely on one known character and actor in Henry Cavill and an unknown director to pull it off. The writing on the wall does not bode well, especially considering the disasterous movie Green Lantern which left many comic fans deflated. 

We can also take some advice from history here, remember the comic book clambering for an Alien vs Predator film? Well it happened, and it was astoundingly poor. Of course you wouldn't really know if Alien or Predator was the same actor or not given the heavy make up and lack of dialogue, but can you imagine if that film had both Sigourney Weaver and Arnie in it? Well I would have bet on it being the biggest Horror Sci Fi film of all time!